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The following list is a selection of literature and patents over the years since 1977. Co-authors are shown where applicable. It is intended to add links to the papers in the future.

U of Liverpool / Roche Pharmaceuticals

  1. Abraham & Thomas. NMR investigation into complex formation between psychotropic drugs and aromatic solutes. J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans. 2, pp1964-71, 1977.

Esso Chemicals

  1. Lit: Beiny & Mullin. Crystallization behaviour of nC32 from hydrocarbon solution with polymeric additives. J. Cryst. Growth, 102, 4, pp801-6, 1990.
  2. Lit: Bennema, Liu & Tack. Morphology of orthorhombic long chain normal alkanes: Theory and Experiment. J Cryst Growth, 121, 4, pp679-96, 1992.
  3. Patent: Tack & Brazier. Glycol ester flow improvers for distillate fuels. USP 4464182.
  4. Patent: Tack. Additive combinations and fuels containing them. USP 4261703.
  5. Patent: Specific crystallizable polymers for middle distillate compositions with improved low temperature properties. USP 4661121.
  6. Patent: Improved fuel additives (crystal fitting). WO88/02393.
  7. Patent: Rossi, Rehrer, Oswald, Tack. Additive combinations and fuels. USP4546137.
  8. Patent: Lehmann, Mears, Wiggins. Testing apparatus and method. USP5117679.

Exxon Chemical

  1. Lit: Lewas plus: Roberts, Docherty, Clydesdale. Modelling the morphology of molecular crystals in the presence of tailor-made additives. J. Cryst. Growth, 141,3-4, pp443-50, 1994.
  2. Lit: Lehmann. Evolution of diesel cold flow - the next frontier. SAE, 890031, 1989.
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  5. Patent: Davies, Lombardi. Oil additives and compositions (biofuels). USP5743923.
  6. Patent: Bland. Novel styrene containing polymers. Oil and fuel oil compositions. EP0613493.
  7. Patent: Bland. Novel Comb-like polymers. Additives for distillate fuels and distillate fuels containing them. US Patent 5478368.
  8. Lit: Roberts & Clydesdale. Computational modelling study of the growth morphology of normal alkanes and its mediation by “tailor-made” additives. Mol Cryst Liq Cryst., 248, 1, pp243-76, 1994.
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  12. Patent: Peiffer, Lundberg & Wright. Copolymers of ethylene and α-olefin macromonomers useful as fuel and lube additives. USP 6100224.


  1. Book: Creton & Shull. Molecular architecture…response and performance of pressure sensitive adhesives. Ch9 in Polymer Thin Films
  2. Patent: Clark, Shorrock, Garcia, Wilson. Petroleum resins and their production with a supported catalyst. EP1210382
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  12. Patent: Macedo & Shutt. Adhesive components and process for manufacture. WO2003/025038.
  13. Patent: Lohse, Georjon, et al. Alpha-olefin inter-polymers. USP7067603.
  14. Patent: Abhari, Sims, Tse, et al. Polyolefin compositions and articles made therefrom. USP7700707.


  1. Lit: Camp, Farrow, Dowding. The effects of surface curvature on the adsorption of surfactants at the solid-liquid interface. Phys Chem. Chem Phys, Accepted for publication
  2. Patent: Waterson, Wright, Theaker, Scott, Kay. Additives for fuels and oils comprising functionalized di-block copolymers. EP12175622.5-2104.
  3. Patent: Georjon, et al. Polypropylene based compositions, U.S. Patent No.: 8,383,731
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